Now Offering Online Gaming!

  1. A fully customized 30ft enclosed Gaming Trailer

  2. Climate controlled environment so we run all year long

  3. Stadium seating for 20 players inside and 8 more players outside!

  4. Seven 50" High Definition Flat Screen TV's with a state-of-art sound system and Two smaller Flat Screen TV's for added players.

  5. We include the latest Gaming consoles such as Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch

  6. VIRTUAL REALITY GAMING! To bring your gaming experience to the next level!

  7. Large selection of over 150 multiplayer KID FRIENDLY games including popular titles such as FORTNITE, Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Mario Kart!

  8. We have a quiet Portable Honda generator that powers all of our own equipment so no power supply needed.

  9. No set up or clean up required by you

  10. A Friendly and Knowledgeable Game Coach will assist you with changing out games and if needed showing you or your guests how each game is played.

  11. We provide the WOW factor when you step inside and an experience your guests will never forget!

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