Nerf Wars

First we brought you the Mobile Video Game Truck and now we are Bringing you NERF WARS! This will be the Ultimate Nerf and FORTNITE party! Square off against 16+ players in a variety of games lead by one of our friendly Game Coaches. Some games include Big Team Battle, Free for All, Capture the Flag, Protect the VIP, and a Fortnite inspired Battle Royal Game! With plenty of ammo to spare, a variety of Nerf guns, and large inflatable bunkers we provide everything you need to throw the ultimate Nerf party! Want more? Combine the Game Trailer and Nerf Package to throw and even better Party!

*The Nerf Package and equipment is for ages 7+


The Equipment

We will provide a variety of Nerf guns and plenty of ammo. Safety glasses will be provided for all participants as well. Team colored pennies will also be provided for team games! Game coach will be available to show kids how to use each Nerf gun throughout the event!

nerf 3.jpg

The Barriers

Our Bunkers will consist of high quality and durable paintball barriers. They will be all different shapes and sizes ranging from 3ft tall to 6ft tall for the ultimate protection! Game coach will arrive before the party begins to inflate and set up the battlefield customized to your yard, park, gym, or other location! This will require a good sized yard to get the best experience possible. More detailed space requirements to come soon.

nerf 2.jpg

The ultimate fortnite party

Has your son or daughter been asking you to throw them a Fortnite party? Well look no further! Along with Game coach, Bunkers, Safety glasses, Team Colored Pennies, Nerf Guns, and Ammo. You will also get: 3 ammo cases, 3 lot chests, and a 17.5ft FORTNITE BATTLE BUS! The battle bus is sure to bring the WOW factor to any Fortnite fan! (The Battle Bus will require access to an electrical outlet. We will provide the extension cord)